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4 reasons to update to WP 3.9 right now!

It seemed like it took ages for WordPress to come out with version 3.8 and now they breezed right on by to release 3.9. Generally, I would be annoyed by this, but the auto-update feature meant that 90% of my sites were updated for me. Nice! (No, major issues…..yet) As you can see from above….I […]

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Radio stations, marketing and you?

Imagine that you are in your car  — your favorite song comes on? What do you do?  Turn it up and sing along loudly, right? The emotional connection is pretty wonderful.  Unfortunately, this connection will expire. Stop overdoing it When things catch or go viral–their  next step is to fizzle. Keep in mind that even with […]

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Google Authorship and author links in WordPress

The marketing world has been buzzing about the importance of using Google authorship since it was introduced a couple years ago. What is authorship and how does it affect my blog? In relation to the online sense of the word; authorship is how you associate your name and “authority” to all of the online content you […]

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The end all, be all method for getting stuff done already

Today’s post is a short one, not out of laziness, but more so to prove that effective posts can come in all sizes. Plus, I’ll be linking to a post that does an awesome job at explaining how the method works. Exhausted from your To Do Lists? Do you feel like quitting before you’ve even […]

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Growth hacking. Buzzword or saving grace?

Online marketing has changed significantly over the last two years. Long gone is keyword stuffing, spammy backlinks, or other techniques to try to beat the system to make a quick buck. This has led to talented marketers thinking outside of the box to get results. Content marketing and growth hacking are two increasingly popular methods […]

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What is Smart Marketing?

It seems like everyone will put “smart” in front of just about anything to spruce it up.  The truth is that most companies are are continuing business as usual, but then attaching “smart” at the beginning. What is “smart marketing” or smart(er) marketing? “Smart(er) marketing is creating an integrated strategy that not only strives for […]

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