What is Retargeting?

Retargeting Ads are a form of online advertising where targeted ads are served to people who have already visited your website in some way. Might even be a registered user.

Ever go to a company's website and then moments or hours later you see a banner ad for that company on a different website? That's retargeting.

BrandROAR focuses on two forms of retargeting.

  1. Pixel retargeting
  2. Engagement based

Pixel based retargeting is where an ad network supplies some unobtrusive javascript code; often referred to as a pixel; to be placed on the backend of your site.

Now when people visit your site; it will store a file in the visitors' web browser called a cookie. The cookie remains in the background and will act as the "key" to activate a banner ad when the visitor accesses another page within the same ad network.

Engagement based retargeting (sometimes called list-based) is for people you've engaged with before.

The way it works is that you upload a list of the email addresses to a retargeting campaign (typically on a social platform like Facebook or Instagram), and the service will identify users on that network who have those email addresses and serve retargeting ads only to them.