There is nothing wrong with good enough

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We are now past the information age and as a result, more people are chasing the American Dream of becoming their own boss or starting their own freedom business.

Whether you're training to become a chiropractor, massage therapist or aspiring to be the next Jeff Bezos, you have to start somewhere.
The truth is that we are in a transitional phase and moving towards or already in a super-information age.

The internet has and continues to enable a lot of positives.

JThink about how easy and affordable YouTube is for an aspiring video content publisher...Now think about that same creator attempting the same thing 20+ years ago. Aside from a public access tv channel. Their distribution channels  were pretty limited or the costs associated were just prohibitive. Unfortunately, not all people take advantage like they should. Primarily, I think it comes down to people not taking action.

What haven't you taken action on?

  • Creating a blog.
  • Starting a YouTube Channel
  • Sell an online course.
  • Writing a book.
  • Business page on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Why haven't you taken action on any of them?

The fear of failing is the major one, but a close second is just the fear of not being "good enough" -- and that can stop people dead in their tracks.
People will say...

    1. "I will launch my product once I read more about how to do it."
    2. "I'll start my YouTube channel when I get a better camera.."
    3. "I'll write some blog articles when I think of a great website domain name."
    4. "I'll launch my site when I get the design just perfect."

Get away from analysis paralysis - But don't stop analyzing

I am not saying you shouldn't join membership programs, learn about design, take part in mastermind groups or even subscribe to multiple email lists to learn everything you can.
My advice is to learn and consume everything you can, but move forward on "Day 1" and continue to move forward. Never stop iterating, never stop improving. Doesn't need to be perfect. You just need to gain momentum.

If there are no definitive systems...What the f--k can i do?

Get your ideas to a point where they are "good enough" and then improve them over time.  Again, You don't need perfection because that will never happen.
Comedian, Louis C.K was recently interviewed and he described his system for making decisions that I find helpful.

These situations where I can't make a choice because I'm too busy trying to envision the perfect one--that false perfectionism traps you in this painful ambivalence: If I do this, then that other thing I could have done becomes attractive.
But, if I go and choose the other one, the same thing happens again. It's part of our consumer culture. People do this when trying to get a DVD player or a service provider, but it also bleeds into big decisions.
"So my rule is that if something gets 70 percent approval, you just do it.
'Cause here's what happens. The fact that other options go away immediately brings your choice to 80%. Because the pain of deciding is over.
"And," he continues, "when you get to 80 percent, you work. You apply your knowledge, and that gets you to 85 percent! And the thing itself, especially if it's a human being, will always reveal itself--100 percent of the time!—to be more than you thought.
And that will get you to 90 percent. After that, you're stuck at 90, but who the f*ck do you think you are, a god? You got to 90 percent? It's incredible!"

It's all in the mindset

Adopting a similar mindset is your key to success. Stop being indecisive and just remember, good is good enough. Great will come over time. JUST DO SOMETHING NOW. You can edit or iterate later.
If you want a tangible example.  Look at Amazon.  The original site was atrocious and sold only books, but Jeff Bezos decided the idea alone was "good enough".

amazon legacy site

Being first has its perks

Being the 1st online business to sell books comes with its' own list of achievements, but today the company sells anything and everything.
They have multiple channels of investments and countless sister companies.  Imagine if Bezos would have spent more time planning their current business landscape versus launching that first ugly site.
The important thing is to just hit publish and iterate in new posts, apps or entire businesses. The term "rough draft" exists so you can have 2nd, 3rd, and eventually a final draft. It is scary to put out works in progress, but an ugly first draft is better than a never seen final draft that exists only in your mind.
Good Enough is GOOD ENOUGH, seriously.

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