How We Work

We empower our clients with technology. Powerful tools, resources and digital solutions that make them succeed. Our obsession is building websites, software solutions, and managing marketing campaigns that integrate search engine optimization and content marketing.

Just like building a house – Our solutions all start with a sound plan and a solid foundation.

Discovery Call and Project Planning

All projects start with a discovery call to revisit items previously discussed in the initial phone calls and emails. We then use this information to determine preliminary milestones and deadlines.

Mockups and Initial Framework

Depending on the type of project, we construct mockups and use those as our blueprints for painless design and development process.

Final Designs, Tweaks & Iterations

This phase in our workflow is where everything starts to take shape and then lose shape, just to find it again. Using approved designed files – Apps & websites will start being developed at staging locations and put through our internal design & functional review process.

For our marketing components – This is when we start setting up scheduled campaigns with search engines/networks, get approvals for any graphic based adverts and setup A&B tests.

Testing & Maintenance 

Launch day is the most exciting day, but as you give the green light – we start trying to break what we just created to make sure the UX and UI is seamless.