Image quotes are worth a million words.

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I have a guilty pleasure for inspiring quotes and documentaries, especially ones about business and marketing.

I am not the only one. It's no secret that as a society — our attention spans are just not that long and they are only getting shorter. Personally, I like an image quote for efficiency, but more so for maximum sharing potential.

Why does this matter?

Most of my clients are small-medium sized businesses or rising upstarts that share one thing in common. They need to grow their client base and have little funding for outreach.

Ok, But why image quotes?

Image quotes are worth a million words or at least they can express that many in a matter of moments.  In addition to being cool...they are also great for sharing concepts quickly.

But, ultimately the main reason is based on user data. The two facts below make it a no brainer to combine image and quotes.

  • Images increased Retweets by 150%
  • Over 40% of Retweets are quotes.

Here are some of our recent examples


Share-a-bility matters

The best part about these type of image quotes is that they share well across most social media platforms, especially Pinterest.

But, take a look at the DIY furniture and craft bloggers out there.  They use this same concept, but with the names of their tutorial on a picture of the finished project.



The reason that people are using this technique is because it works.  It gives you that instant gratification of what you are going to learn or is actually teaching you by the end of the image.

How to make them?

I use Photoshop, but I have two tools that make it even easier.

They both are cool for their own reasons, so I'd recommend just poking around their sites since they make it pretty easy to compare the two.

Below is just an image I created with sharesasimage in about 20 seconds.  I used the free version, but if I paid the miniscule $8 a month...I could put my own website url at the bottom left.


Now, here is one from  It took considerably longer since the tool has a lot more features.


Personally, I'd recommend sharesasimage because it has a lot of useful options and cheap at $8 a month. isn't far off though.  I just found their options to be more of a distraction for my use and the tool was clunky in comparison.

 Try both services and share your image quotes with me on Twitter (@bryanglanz).

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