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We hold our client list close to the chest because we believe that we are doing great things for our clients and there is no need to supply our clients' competitors with a roadmap to their success.

But, we can't very well expect new companies to invest into our services without knowing what your money could do. Below is a list of some of things we've done for previous clients.

Helped a new Start Up go from renting to owning their website

Website builder services can be a great starting point for your first website, but we feel it is better to own your website, not rent it from SquareSpace or Wix.

Our manufacturing client had someone internal build their first site and honestly....It looked pretty awesome until they were heading into RFP's with competitors with a site that used the same template.

you can outgrow them and sometimes that can spell trouble. In this case, the builder company would allow export of the content but wasn't going to give up design files, the clients' domain name or even the logo they did for them.

We were able to rescue their domain name, their previous website design and have it back up and running our servers in less than 3 days. 

We are now working on their redesign and they couldn't be any happier.

Thank you for all of your help. We really appreciate that you worked with us through every step of the way. We now know the importance of retaining ownership of our domain and love knowing we are working with a company that is willing to pull back the curtain and give us advice versus trying to make an extra buck. We look forward to seeing our new site once it goes live!

California company grew fast and needed to make their 1st marketing hires but, founder had no idea where to start

Our client in San Francisco experience unexpected growth via social media, but it was a short-lived celebration. They needed other marketing strategies, and long term; wanted to hire people internally to keep it going. The problem is that the owner needed to run the business. We found them some entry level marketing hires and their first marketing manager.

After 6 months of guidance; BrandROAR still serves as an on-demand CMO for this lean team. 

Recovery From Link Based Google Penalties

This site was hit hard by the Penguin update. They bought up thousands of links from a few "sketchy" places after getting paid advice to do so from their local ad agency.

Their traffic from 2011 to 2012 increased, so they kept doing it, however, their traffic nosedived in May of 2012, about a month after the Penguin Update(s) went live. We were contacted by one of their employees in early 2014 when 2 other digital marketing service companies just made their problem(s) worse. 

We know that a site can be penalized or can be suppressed by Google algorithms if they have engaged in manipulative link building. The result can be a manual unnatural links penalty or an unnanouced demotion at the hands of the Penguin algorithm.

It has been slow and steady, but with the help of the Google Disavow tool; we were able to bring their traffic and reputation back to Pre 2011 stats and increase it with link building

Request the full case study here.

Parent Contractor Group needed to build multiple unique yet cohesive sites for their Subsidiaries

Our client had a few requests.

  • Cohesive yet unique.
  • Manage the network of sites from one backend.
  • Quick and painless to add more sites.
  • Mobile friendly & within budget.

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We offer a streamlined design process and deliver projects that will make our clients more money.

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Real Estate Broker in Upstate New York

Starting in late 2015, we upgraded their website platform to WordPress and have engaged in ongoing aggressive content marketing. They now compete against some of their biggest competitors at a fraction of the cost of just a couple of years ago.

Software Provider needed more site traffic and inbound sales system implemented 

A tech savvy client that covered most of their bases but could tell that their small staff needed a little help.

We integrated their CRM, 3rd party tools to their website, and put a solid marketing automation system in place to reduce the number of missed follow-ups.

15 months later and they know when to follow up and have increased their sales enough to add 2 new employees to their team.

Denver-based medical company needed help in their other locations

They were performing very well locally but struggled to duplicate for their satellite locations. We increased their search traffic by 400% in 18 months. It was slow, but they are now starting to reap the results of investing in content marketing.

Request the full case study where we show how content marketing is beating out a traditional TV buy strategy 10 to 1 when it comes to returns on investment.

Helping a boutique Firm revamp their recent expansion into eCommerce

Local mom and pop store was facing the pressure of big name competition and wanted to improve their eCommerce experience.

We implemented advanced analytics and Google Tag Manager to improve how they marketing and see where changes could be made. Armed with this data, we made changes to their design to improve conversions. They experienced an increase of 2x, since we engaged. (8 months)



We have ONE priority...

Help our clients hit their targets.


What is ROI and what can you expect from BrandROAR?:

We never want our clients to feel like any part of digital marketing is a sunk cost. We stick to a true and real definition of ROI and our service offerings reflect that.

We can't say that if you spend "X" you'll get "10X" back out of it, but we do play "the long game" with our clients. We learn your business inside and out, track what is working(and not) and develop a systemized approach to delivering successful projects.



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