Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility

From WCAG to ADA compliance, we combine technology, processes, people and legal expertise to ensure and monitor the accessibility of your digital assets.

WCAG 2.1
WCAG 2.2 
EN 301 549 (Europe)
Section 504
508 Compliance
AODA (Canada)

There are so many acronyms and terms in the world of Accessibility.

But, our favorite is A11Y — The "11" stands for the eleven letters between A and Y in the word: "Accessibility".

We love it because the nickname looks like the word "ally"; which is how we view ourselves to our clients.

Allies in A11Y 

Did you know that there are certain legal requirements that must be adhered to when running a website?

Similar to how physical locations are required to have handicap parking or elevators to each floor — Digital "locations" need to ensure that everyone has the equal opportunity to your website and your services.

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