Analytics Audit

Google Analytics is not setup out of the box, so we help companies go much further than just placing their tracking codes.

By offering an audit format, we are able to show from Step A to Z of what we’re reviewing, correcting and implementing. 

The analytics audit is specific to your website and takes a look at 9 impactful sections. The high-level areas and their subparts are listed below:

(Last Updated Jul 18, 2021)

Tracking Code
  • Outdated Code
  • Missing Code
  • Tracking Code Placement
  • Tracking Code Additions
  • Advertising Reporting Features
  • Social Properties
  • User Permissions
  • Referral Exclusion
  • Cross-Domain Tracking
  • Hostname in URLs
  • Filters
  • URL Rewriting
  • Default View
  • Default Page
  • Autotrack
Data Integrity
  • Raw Data View
  • Combined Data
  • Spam/Bot Traffic
  • Excessive Sampling
  • PPC Sessions in Organic
  • Query Parameter Exclusion
  • (not set) in Reports
  • Signs of Scraping
  • Artificially Low Bounce Rates
  • Annotations
  • Personally Identifiable Information
  • Manual AdWords Tagging Override
  • Campaign Tagging
  • Email Tagging
  • Event Tracking
  • Custom Dimensions/Variables
  • Custom Metrics
  • Data Imports
  • Remarketing
  • User-ID
  • Site Search
  • Content Grouping
  • Channel Grouping
  • Segmenting Paid Search
  • PPC Landing Pages
Conversion Tracking
  • Macro Conversions
  • Micro Conversions
  • Defunct Conversions
  • Goal Funnels
  • Ecommerce Tracking
  • Enhanced Ecommerce
Account Linking
  • AdWords
  • AdSense
  • Search Console
Mobile Apps
  • Property Strategy
  • Mobile App Postbacks
  • Crashes and Exceptions
  • App Speed
  • App Events
  • Google Play
AMP Analytics
  • Property Strategy
  • Analytics Vendors Supported
  • Triggers
  • User Identification


Starts at $4,550*

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*Starting cost fits over 90% of our clients. It is based on site size, Google Analytics view numbers, and a few other things. Contact us if you have any questions. 

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