You've likely heard people talk about SEO and may even heard that your website needs it to get on the first page of Google. But, what is it? How is it added? Can you just buy "it"?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is work typically performed by a marketing or coding professional where they 'optimize' the code on a website to increase the amount of traffic that comes from the search engines themselves.

Search engines rely on the code of your website to tell them what they can find on your website, so this is not a set it and forget it strategy. Websites need to regularly maintain the SEO and perform audits to ensure marketability for the long term. 

Can you get by without it?

Of course! Similar to companies that can operate without a website — Companies can operate without performing SEO on their website as well. However, if your company needs more customers and your competitors are online....You need SEO. (and a website) 

Organic Traffic
Organic traffic is virtually any unpaid traffic that comes to your site from a search engine. Any organic traffic is going to be a result of your inbound marketing and SEO efforts. This is why businesses should write blogs, create podcasts, or have FAQs on their site. Regularly creating and updating content on your site would improve your overall SEO on your site.

What about paid traffic?

We love paid traffic for specific clients.  It is great for e-commerce or more instant sales, but if your sales cycles are long; paid ads are definitely something you should wait on.

Service businesses are somewhat different in that they need paid and organic from the start — Most other industries are good to start with SEO and Content first, gain some traction and then try paid ads.

Plain and Simple.

Website owners need to create more content to increase the eyeballs on their website. If a search users comes to your website and there isn't anything to engage with — Why would they stay? People read your marketing fluff pages once. The rest of the time; they are looking for the content that presents you as the experts in your field, solves one of their problems, and testimonials where you've proved it with real customers. 

SEO will help you be found on google, but will help you structure your websites' content for client engagement. 

Digital content creates the foundation of all online customer interactions. Our adaptive SEO services go beyond simply manipulating for the most highly searched keywords to instead optimizing the experience for your brand’s true audience. This results in higher ROI from your SEO investment and ultimately leading to more customers for your business.


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