Static websites are a thing of the past

At least they should be

What is a static website and why do they exist?

About 15 years ago or so the internet was still in its infancy. The only reason people had a website was because they were told that they had to.  Even though all signs pointed to this being a good was a still a gamble for most small businesses to invest into a website.

A horrible trend gained traction

Several marketing agencies either created or had websites developed for clients to act as nothing more than just a simple digital brochure.

The static websites were often produced with an emphasis on being a once and done solution. It was a band-aid type approach so that small businesses owners could feel "cool" that they had a website.  Marketers felt great because they had another revenue stream, but in turn created a lot of websites that didn't work or look great.

It might look okay - but does that matter if it looks like everyone else's site?

It might look okay - but does that matter if it looks like everyone else's site?

Quantity over quality is a horrible mindset for the digital world

Unfortunately this type of thinking has made it so companies are not aware of the value that could come from owning a quality website or spending money to improve a current one.  This same issue has trickled into the perception that websites should be a cheap and quick purchase versus and an on-going process.

Imagine for a moment that your website is synonymous with your physical business. Would you ever create a physical business and feel comfortable with maintenance never being performed? How about not fixing things as they break?

Then why do you treat your website that way. So, if you have a website for your business...First, ask yourself, why you do and if it could be doing more.

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