That Cheap Website is Going to Cost You

Last Updated 2024

Cheap websites can cost you more

A good portion of our clients will come to us after a failed web project or after using a monthly service where they design, code and write the content themselves.

Some companies are better suited for the do it yourself or budget-friendly approach.

However, keep in mind that these are still a "you pay for what you get" type of solution and you could be sacrificing a lot of insight and revenue just to save a little money upfront.

It's simple: A website should produce leads, generate brand authority, increase revenue or all of the above. If it doesn't, it is useless.

This post will serve as a running list of the common issues we see in our client intakes and how we do it better.

  1. The one size fits no one approach – The site looks awesome, but the features are pretty much on lockdown or take hours of trial and error. The page builder is way harder to use than promised on their sales page, isn't it?

    Our Approach: We have streamlined the design process, so you still get a design that is unique to you but is proven to work within your industry. Also, of course, every portion of your site can be customized to your needs. 

  2. Lack of Support – It is inevitable that your website will need to be updated or bugs will surface. The majority of these companies will charge you little upfront so they can sock you with excessive support costs. ...If they even offer support.

    Our Approach: We ensure our clients' websites are always up to date for security and SEO best practices. Also, if something goes wrong, we provide affordable monthly support. If you host with us, we include free minor fixes on your site every month.* 
    * An Unlimited supply of 15-minute fixes per month - One at a time.

  3. Testing out Their Newbies - They overlook best practices for SEO, Marketing, and the Google Analytics script is simply missing. This and many other beginner errors.

    Our Approach: We have new people starting all of the time, but they are working on internal items or paired with a senior team member on every deliverable. We also have processed out every stage of every service we provide.

  4. Do it Yourself can be a little too much - The premise sounds great at first, but now you are eight months into it and your site still looks and your content still reads like the rough draft.

    Our Approach: Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should do it alone
    Our team members have black belts in grammar and can master your industry jargon. Do you still want to write it yourself? That's fine with us — We can help you edit and tweak formatting before you hit 'publish' as well.

  5. Lack of Originality – Do you and competitors have the same exact website with minor color changes. Even our logos are equally bad!

    Our approach: We judge books by their covers, and we do the same with websites. We have streamlined the design process to a short 30-60 minute discovery meeting.In that meeting, we determine what your look and feel should be and figure out technical features you need to maximize your sites' effectiveness.

What is the ultimate cost of going the cheap route?

Nonsensical delays, headaches, and stress aside – Choosing a cheap website provider will damage your brand authority and ruin first impressions with prospective customers.

We are not in the business of making money from one-off projects. We focus on building a relationship with our clients and help them meet/exceed their goals.

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