Pallet manufacturers' outdated website gets a fresh look

Addoco Pallets Pallet Website

Company Name: Addoco Inc.
Website URL:

Problems of the website:

  • The overall design is outdated.
    This is NOT always a bad thing — Actually in a lot of cases, especially ecommerce sites; an outdated or "ugly" design actually helps.  In the case of Addoco's site; it would benefit them to refresh the site up a bit. It would improve their branding and how they are perceived in the market to their customers and prospects.

    Prospective clients may not know if they are still in business or if it is just an out of date website. 

  • The website is a static html website.
    This is an indicator of the age of the website, but from a practical standpoint — When a website is built in this way; the means to edit and style the website efficiently are drastically hindered. The end user or content person would have to make text changes over their servers' FTP manually. The biggest issue however is from a design standpoint. Each page has its' own styling code embedded in the backend. If the owner of the website wanted to make every heading the same color and size — They'd have to make that change in 40+ places before it is all cohesive. 

  • There is no mobile version of the website or even a mobile menu.
    Studies indicate that 30% or more of web traffic is attributable to a phone or tablet. The menu is present, but it is virtually unusable since the font is small and people have no idea what they are clicking on. 

    mobile website improvement

  • Homepage needs some clarity
    I live near Addoco and I have been around the facility — I know what they do and what they offer. The website doesn't define what they do or their message until you've read a few pages. The homepage and the top of the fold is where 90% of your prospects live. Need to make sure that it is clear and concise and above the fold. 

  • Products pages are very stand alone and marketed too broadly
    This comes back to the overall structure of the site needing some assistance. Ultimately — the site should be clear what they produce and who they produce it for. The current website doesn't list out their customers in clearly defined areas and their products have non-products listed in the menu group. 
  • Content needs to be more readable
    The content is giving a lot of information, but the pages are not easily scannable — People have a shorter attention span. We know website owners want to explain every little item on their site and include context wherever possible, but less is more. In the event where you have to share a lot of text or the message gets lost...Then styling and organization of the content is your friend.

    Headings, bullets, spacing, images are all great ways to showcase a lot of text without stressing your prospects out with a daunting page to read. Headings, bold text and other styling formats to create emphasis and scannable structure. If a user skims your page(s) — They should be able to understand the pages' intent by reading just these elements.

  • Call To Actions are too passive
    There are definitely ways to contact Addoco on their site, but they aren't that enticing, nor is the content really pushing people to engage there. 



How we'd fix things:

Most design and marketing companies will repackage a lot of the same written content. We choose to do some work on brands and creating these as our content instead. We spent about 6 hours brainstorming and fully designing this website, marketing materials and writing this piece of content.

Below are some of the assets:

Logo Notes: This logo is just an idea of creating something clean and incorporating product types in there. Since the company offers mulch — There'd likely be some inclusion of that in a final logo. The website and vehicle mockups use the red from their current logo.

dubuque vehicle wraps



Pallet Website New Addoco Website

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